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We offer shuttle services from and to the ferry terminal (for a fee), from just about any point in Dar Es Salaam or Zanzibar. The cost depends on the distance between the 2 points, as well as the number of people traveling. All our shuttles are private, so we cannot board you with a different person/group in the same vehicle.

Early-flight arrivals catching the first ferry to Zanzibar

Early airport arrivals aiming for the first ferry from Dar Es Salaam to Zanzibar are picked up at 05:30. The ferry terminal opens at 05:45. It’s much safer for those arriving earlier to wait at the airport until 05:30, rather than outside the closed terminal.

Missed the last lerry?

Those who miss the last ferry to Dar Es Salaam and in fear of messing up the entire trip back can still make it to the last flight from Zanzibar to Dar Es Salaam. There is a flight at 17:15 and 17:45. The distance between the ferry terminal in Zanzibar and the airport is only 8km, much shorter than Dar Es Salaam. Plus, there’s no heavy traffic in between, so you’d take about 20-30min to make it.

Getting to Zanzibar by ferry is quite straight forward and more budget friendly than flying into Zanzibar. However, it can be overwhelming to enter and exit the ferry ports due to aggressive taxi drivers and baggage porters on both ends. Knowing what to expect on your ferry from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar can help you avoid these hassles. For your convenience, I’ve compiled everything you need to know before you go!