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Train, Bus and flight Tickets in Tanzania

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Flying in Tanzania

Domestic flights in Tanzania are thoroughly enjoyable, especially to the national parks, with animals clearly visible below as you approach each airstrip.The main operators are Regional Air, Coastal Air, Precision Air, Air Tanzania, Auric Air, and other. The destinations served include the main towns and cities (Arusha, Dar-es-laam, Mwanza, Kilimanjaro, Dodoma), coastal (Zanzibar) and airfields serving safari clients in the main parks and reserves of Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Ruaha, Mahale, Gombe and Nyerere National Park.

Most services are daily and in some cases there are several flights a day, though frequencies on certain routes are reduced in low season. Same-day connections can be a problem,too, as flights are routinely cancelled if there are not enough passengers to make them worthwhile, and you will be “bumped” onto the next one. Be aware, too, that flights to the parks and reserves run on circuits, meaning that not all passengers are necessarily going to alight at the same airstrip: the plane might touch down at a few on the route, so flight times and the order of arrival may vary. Nevertheless, flying around Tanzania (especially to the parks) saves on long bumpy road trips and each airline endeavours to get you to your destination on time.

Baggage allowance on the smaller planes (those going to safari destinations) is limited to 15kg per person (in soft bags only – rigid suitcases are often not accepted), though this isn’t strictly adhered to unless the flight is full. In any event you will be able to make arrangements to store excess baggage while you are on safari.

Chartering a small plane for trips to safari parks and remote airstrips is worth considering if money is less important to you than time, and is an especially good option for groups or large families. Costs vary depending on the size of the aircraft needed to accommodate the number of passengers, the amount of fuel required and other incidentals such as airport landing fees. Remember also that the plane has to make a round trip, even if you don’t.

Tanzania Cities on Map

Buses in Tanzania

Buses cover almost the whole country. Some, on the main runs between Arusha – Tanga – Dar-es-salaam, and to a lesser extent the Northern and Southern, are fast, comfortable and keep to schedules; you generally need to reserve seats in advance. 

The easiest procedure is to mention your destination to a few people at the bus park (known as  “stand” in Tanzania) and then check out the torrent of offers, though the large companies have proper ticket offices at or near the bus stations where they list their routes and prices. 

Once you’ve acquired a seat, the wait can be almost a pleasure if you’re in no hurry, as you watch the throng outside and field a continuous stream of vendors proffering wares through the window.

Luxury Buses in Tanzania

Taxis and other vehicles

Transport in towns often comes down to private taxis. You’ll need to discuss the fare in advance.  there’s also the option of using a Bajaj (three-wheeled vehicles imported from Asia, on which fares are around half the price of an ordinary taxi). 

Alternatively, many areas have the motorcycle taxis that can carry one or two people without luggage (known as a piki-piki), or a bicycle with a padded passenger seat for one (known as a boda-boda). 

Most drivers/cyclists will be straight with you (if surprised to be taking a fare from a foreigner), but if you’re in doubt about the correct fare, which is generally around Ksh40/km, asking passers-by will invariably get you a quick sense of the proper price to pay.


Taxis in Tanzania

Dar-es-salaam taxi to Mwanza

Tanzania Railway Transport, Boats & Ferries

Tanzania Rail Transport

Railway transport is the second most important mode of transport after road and critical for long distance freight along the main transport corridors in Tanzania. Tanzania has a total of 3,676 kilometers of railway lines operated by two railway systems, Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC) and Tanzania – Zambia Railways (TAZARA). 

The mainline of TRC comprises the central corridor between the port of Dar es Salaam in the east, linking central and western areas of the country and terminating at Kigoma on Lake Tanganyika in the west. 

The TAZARA line is 1,860 kilometers in length, of which 975 kilometers is in Tanzania and 885 kilometers in Zambia.


Trains in Tanzania

Boats and Ferries

Dar es Salaam is the main port, receiving commercial ships but not international passenger services. Ferry services to Zanzibar depart from here. Azam Marine being the best provider or scheduled fast ferries.

Cruising Ships:  Zanzibar is a popular port of call for cruise ships.

Ferry Service Providers

At Lake Tanganyika, passenger ferries go as far south as Mpulunga (Zambia). Bujumbura (Burundi) was a former stop, but it’s unclear if it will be reinstated. There is an unreliable ferry service between Tanzania and Malawi on Lake Nyasa.

How to get to Tanzania
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