Tegeta Taxi Service

The cheapest taxi for this route will cost as low as ~ 7,488 TZS for STANDARD class, with taxi fare going up to ~ 14,400 TZS if you prefer to ride by fairly expensive XL class.

Taxi price does not include any discounts or promotions that some taxi services in Dar es Salaam might have. The calculated fare is subject to fluctuation due to various conditions, so be sure to have this estimate updated when using it as a price reference.



How far is it from Tegeta Kibaoni to Mbezi Beach?

Distance by car between Tegeta Kibaoni and Mbezi Beach is 9.5 km (5.9 miles). Travel time by car is approximately 20 min.



How do I get from Tegeta Kibaoni to Mbezi Beach?

To get from Tegeta Kibaoni to Mbezi Beach you can take a taxi. This will cost at least 7,488 TZS.
If taxi services are not available then you might consider taking a bus, car rental, blablacar as well as alternative transportation options →