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Tanzania offers wild safari experiences, grasslands, rainforests, woodlands and savannah plains in abundance. And perhaps the best way to take it all in is by car.

Driving around this expansive country, you’ll encounter not just natural beauty but human diversity, too. Hundreds of ethnic groups call this East African country home, from the Sandawe in northern Tanzania, the Hehe in the southern highlands, the kiChagga people who live on Mount Kilimanjaro’s slopes and the Zanaki close to Lake Victoria – and they all love welcoming visitors from afar.

Be warned that journeys by road in Tanzania can be lengthy and arduous, with stretches on paved roads in better-traveled areas followed by hours on dirt roads – but by taking your time, you’ll get more out of your journey. A slow, long drive is just the way to take in the vast range of history, culture and wild allure Tanzania offers.