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Tanzania offers wild safari experiences, grasslands, rainforests, woodlands and savannah plains in abundance. And perhaps the best way to take it all in is by car.

Driving around this expansive country, you’ll encounter not just natural beauty but human diversity, too. Hundreds of ethnic groups call this East African country home, from the Sandawe in northern Tanzania, the Hehe in the southern highlands, the kiChagga people who live on Mount Kilimanjaro’s slopes and the Zanaki close to Lake Victoria – and they all love welcoming visitors from afar.

Be warned that journeys by road in Tanzania can be lengthy and arduous, with stretches on paved roads in better-traveled areas followed by hours on dirt roads – but by taking your time, you’ll get more out of your journey. A slow, long drive is just the way to take in the vast range of history, culture and wild allure Tanzania offers. 

Choose your roadtrip in Tanzania

Car Rental:

Self-Drive or Driver-Guide + Camp Gear (optional)

Trip Insight Tanzania is one of the first company in Tanzania to specialize in car & camp gear rentals for self-drive holidays. We own all our rental cars and never subcontract from third parties.

Our fleet consists of Toyota Landcruiser and Toyota RAV4 vehicles. All reliable and widely used 4WD vehicles, and perfectly suitable for your adventurous Tanzania roadtrip.

You are welcome to drive your vehicle yourself or hire a car with a local driver-guide. The driver-guide is there to facilitate and ease your travels, yet you remain in charge of your own holiday and itinerary. The costs for a driver are € 40 /day.

Hire your 4×4 jeep in Tanzania from € 59/day today, including unlimited mileage, Bradt Travel Guide, road map, comprehensive insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Self Drive Tours:

Accommodation + Car Rental + Route + Permits

At Trip Insight Tanzania, we know how to build a well-paced and varied itinerary for your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Tanzania.

Let us help you design a carefully planned roadtrip that includes your car rental, park permits and accommodation. You have the option to drive yourself or choose a guided experience with one of our local driver-guides.

After a full day of road-tripping, our self-drive tours offer accommodation in beautiful hand-picked lodges and campsites. We make sure to look for outstanding places and favour eco-conscious boutique hotels with the best possible price-quality ratio. 

Our Roadtrip Tanzania Team is there for you all the way, from hotel reservations to car rental and roadside assistance. Benefit from direct bookings – no intermediaries, no false promises, just easy communication and the very best rates. Are you ready to explore the beauty of Tanzania?

Suggested roadtrip itineraries in Tanzania

Are you getting excited about planning your Tanzania roadtrip? Take a look at our suggested routes to get a better understanding of distances and driving times, and build your trip from there. For a stress-free experience, you can let the team at Trip Insight Tanzania design your Tarzania itinerary completely, while also taking care of the reservation and payment of all hotels. 

Feeling more adventurous? Then just hire a 4×4 car and use our routes for guidance and inspiration. As Tanzania travel company specialists, we know all the hidden corners of Tanzania and are happy to point you in the right direction as you plan your self-drive safari.

Northern Safari Circuit - 10 Days

Tanzania is gifted by Mother Nature, but its northern region is the spoiled kid. One legendary safari park after the next; the Northern Circuit is the classic safari self-drive circuit of Tanzania. This is an ideal itinerary for Tanzania first-timers who primarily come for safari, have limited time, or want to combine their road trip with a Kilimanjaro or Zanzibar add-on.

Land Cruiser Safari Vehicle
Kilimanjaro Airport Transfers to Briston Serengeti Hotel

Tanzanin off the beaten track

This exciting circuit combines the premier safari parks in Tanzania with stunning hidden gems. It contains scenic driving on back roads, walking and hiking treks, and beautiful cultural encounters.
You'll explore Tarangire, Lake Eyasi, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, and West Kilimanjaro. This route is among our favourites! We recommend 14 days / 13 car rental days

Bush to Beach - one way road trip

The bush-to-beach Tanzania safari is the ultimate one-way road trip and righteously our most popular one! Start in Arusha and hand over your car in Dar es Salaam (or vice versa). This Tanzania itinerary is ideal for those looking to combine the classic safari experience with mountain scenery, culture, and the beach, while staying away from the crowds and large resorts.

Tanzania Road Trips FAQ's

Your experienced driver-guide will get you to your destination safely and is responsible for keeping the car in good condition. Besides driving you to where you want to go, your private driver takes you on game drives in safari parks, knows the best restaurants to stop for lunch, and helps you find the best places to stock up on supplies. He can also help you fine-tune your itinerary along the way and recommend activities, nice campsites and lodges to stay at during your travels in Tanzania. Yet, you remain in charge of your own holiday and itinerary. 

As our drivers are keen to share their knowledge about Tanzania, feel free to ask them anything. You’ll return home with a deeper understanding of the country, and will have made a new friend along the way. 

Are you bringing your private driver with you into Tanzania’s national parks? Note that the Tanzania National Parks Authority requires you to pay for your entrance permits in advance. If you book a car with a driver, our team at Trip Insight Tanzania will help arrange the required park entrance permits for you timely.

All the drivers we work with are fluent in English. 

The additional cost of hiring a driver-guide in Tanzania is €40/day. All the proceeds go to the driver. The fee also covers your driver’s meals and accommodation. You won’t need to arrange extra accommodation, as all lodges have facilities available for driver-guides at a reduced rate.

Are you going camping? Then we’ll supply your driver with camping gear. As there are no facilities to eat elsewhere inside the national parks, we appreciate that you factor in your driver when grocery shopping and cooking your meals together. Most drivers are pretty good bush cooks and will be able to help you start a campfire.

Additional costs for your driver are national park entrance fees, varying from $2 – $5/day, depending on the park. Do also note that fuel remains at your own expense. Your Tanzania rental car is delivered to you with a full tank, and should be filled up again when returned.

Are you eager to start your roadtrip adventure in Tanzania? At Roadtrip Africa, we are happy to assist you with renting the vehicle and driver that suit your wishes. 

We own all our rental cars and never subcontract from third parties. Our fleet consists of Landcruiser Double Cab, Landcruiser Hardtop and Toyota RAV4 vehicles. All reliable and widely used 4WD vehicles, and perfectly suitable for your adventurous Tanzania roadtrip.

Ready to start driving in Tanzania? Book your rental car and driver today!

The role of drivers is very important when creating memorable holiday memories. As both a driver and tour guide, they need to be knowledgeable, flexible, create a sense of safety, and be great companions. After all, a good sense of humor and some laughs contribute to making the world a better place, right? We are happy and proud to say that we consistently receive glowing reviews from roadtrippers renting a car in Tanzania with our drivers!

Are you eager to start planning your ultimate roadtrip to Tanzania? While distances might seem doable on apps like Google Maps, we have noticed that most travellers underestimate the country’s driving times.

With our Trip insight Tanzania Planner, we give you a clear idea of what distances to expect when self-driving in Tanzania. Besides providing you with distances and realistic driving times, we have also added some extra advice on how to design your ideal itinerary in Tanzania.

Need some assistance? Share your day-to-day itinerary with us, so we can cross-check feasibility and help you where needed. Have fun planning and don’t forget to take it easy and enjoy your time in Tanzania!

Road conditions in the Northeast of Tanzania

By African standards, the road conditions in the Northeast of Tanzania are excellent. The primary roads connecting Arusha to Ngorongoro in the west, Moshi/Kilimanjaro in the east and Lushoto/Dar es Salaam in the far east are covered in smooth asphalt. Do expect a lot of speed bumps and the occasional pothole.

Although the asphalt roads are in good condition, you generally don’t reach more than 60 km/hour, due to the many speed bumps, the need to reduce your speed when passing through villages, and because you will probably want to take many pictures! Even the scenery from the highway is stunning. Avoid the common traveller’s mistake of trying to cover too much ground in one trip. Forget Google Maps, but closely study our driving times and distances table at this page instead.

Tanzania’s secondary ‘C’ and ‘D’ roads are usually unsurfaced, with various potholes or eroded surfaces. Usually, you can expect the last stretch of your daily trip to require some driving on these all-weather dirt roads.   

Inside the parks, you’ll drive off-road on dirt roads most of the time. The conditions of these roads tend to vary from one season to the next and are most challenging during the rainy season. Off-road driving in the northern safari circuit parks is usually not technical or difficult, except for the Serengeti and the road to Lake Natron:  

  • The main road running from Naabi Hill gate to Serengeti – Seronera, and from Seronera radiating to the East and West is notorious among tour guides in Tanzania for its rough driving conditions. It’s a challenging road, with a rocky surface and washboard ribbons. We recommend driving at limited speed (<25 km/h).
  • The road from Serengeti to Lake Natron involves a new tarmac road from Klein’s gate to Wasso town, followed by an all-weather gravel road to Sonja. The final 20 km to Engaresero town is rough and eroded, requiring caution.

Road conditions in Tanzania’s Southern National Parks

Long gravel sections mark the gateways to Tanzania’s Southern safari parks: Kibiti to Selous (90 km), Morogoro to Selous Matembwe Gate (90 km), and Iringa to Ruaha (110 km). The drive from Dodoma to Babati takes about 2.5 hours. Off-road driving in Nyerere National Park (formerly Selous) is challenging during the rainy season, requiring a Landcruiser.

Avoid shortcuts on secondary roads in Tanzania – it’s never a good idea. If you’re unsure about routes during your self-drive road trip don’t just wander off, but contact the 24/7 Trip Insight Tanzania a team in Arusha via WhatsApp for advice.

There is a lot of traffic police in Tanzania. You can recognize them from far away by their bright white uniform. We always wonder how they keep their uniforms so white on the dusty roads, but that’s not answering your question…

Advice that comes in handy when dealing with any kind of government official in Tanzania is to be respectful, remain patient and stay friendly. Greet them in Swahili (jambo!) make a joke, and you will be guaranteed a new friend.

Traffic police can pull you over to check:

  • If your car is insured;
  • If the tires are in good condition;
  • Or to check on your driver’s license. Any valid driving license (even from your own country of residence) is accepted in Tanzania.

If you’ve committed an offence (speeding, dangerous overtaking, etc.), you will receive a fine that needs to be paid via a bank deposit. You can always call our team at the Roadtrip office in Arusha for assistance.