Tanzania aistrips Transfers

Due to Some National Parks and Regions being a vast, remote wilderness area, there is no airport as such to fly . The Country is instead served by a network of all weather gravel airstrips.  There are daily scheduled flights to come of this Airstrips that stop at several airstrips per flight. Additionally there are several airlines that serve some of these airstips including Regional Air, Coastal Aviation, Safari Air Link and Auric Air. 

Travelers would need to know which airstrip in in there remote areas they should use when booking their flights as there are quite a number of airtsrips in Tanzania. It is imperative to fly to the airstrip nearest to your accommodation to avoid unnecessarily long transfers which also happen to be rather expensive. Some of the most common airstrips include: Seronera, Lake Manyara, Kuro – Tarangire, Ngorongoro, and so many other.

List of Airstrips in Tanzania