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Welcome to Tabora taxi Service, the fastest growing online cab booking and taxi hire company in Tanzania committed to providing door-to-door online taxi service to travelers. Arusha is huge in terms of area, population, and diversity, proving service is very pleasing. We make taxi booking available to all with our website. Cabs at affordable prices allow anyone to enjoy our service. 

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The Tabora region of Tanzania- As a result, the area was known as Unyamwezi, and the town was known as Unyanyembe during its heyday in the 1800s. The Chief Fundikira of Unyanyembe worked hard to capitalize on the traditional reputation established during the early nineteenth-century boom of the Arab Slave and Ivory Trade, and it is still trading in traditional items and goods such as ivory, copper, salt, and ivory. The name Nyamwezi is translated into Kishwahi to mean “the people of the moon,” and it is thought to have started to stark and leak from the interior. This is very interesting and wonderful.

Tabora is the capital city of the Tabora Regency, and Tabora is classified as a municipality recognized by the Tanzanian government, as well as the administrative unit or seas of the Tabora Urban district. The Tabora Regency is known as the 226,999 according to the 2012 century, which is very interesting and wonderful. The Tabora was built in the 1830s by the coastal traders that had increasingly settled in the region due to the advantage of the ivory and the slave caravans.

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