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Mwanza is a port city on the shore of Lake Victoria, in north-western Tanzania. It is the busiest and second largest city after Dar Es Salaam. Since it is located on Lake Victoria, the fishing industry is an important part of the economy. On the lake itself you can see the beautiful Bismarck Rock in the water; a very impressive scene. The Bismarck Rock is Mwanza’s icon and is a precariously balanced boulder atop the lovely jumble of rocks in the lake next to the Kamanga ferry pier. Hence Mwanza’s nickname “Rock City”.

In Mwanza’s town center are colonial buildings like the crumbling hilltop Dr. Robert Koch’s House. The 1935 Indian Public Library, mosques and Hindu temples reflect Indian influence. And the Makoroboi area is full of shops.

Mwanza is surrounded by hills strewn with enormous boulders. Despite its rapidly rising skyline, Mwanza manages to retain a casual feel. In addition to being a stop on the way to Rubondo Island National Park, Mwanza is a great starting or finishing point to or from safaris through the Serengeti.

  • Stunning Lake Views.
  • Rich Cultural Heritage.
  • Breathtaking Sunsets.
  • Fishing and Boat Trips.
  • Rock Paintings Exploration.

By Road

To reach Mwanza by road, you can drive from Arusha for about 650km / 10 hours, passing through picturesque landscapes and vibrant towns. 

By Air

To reach Mwanza by air, you can fly from Arusha to Mwanza International Airport, enjoying breathtaking aerial views of Tanzania’s landscapes. 

The best time to visit Mwanza is during the dry season, from June to October, when the weather is pleasant, and rainfall is minimal. 
This period is ideal for wildlife viewing and outdoor activities around Lake Victoria.

Mwanza offers several notable attractions, including the Bismarck Rock, a large granite rock formation in Lake Victoria. The Sukuma Museum showcases the culture and history of the Sukuma people, while the Saanane Island National Park offers wildlife viewing and recreational activities.

Yes, Mwanza is a gateway to several national parks and game reserves. The Serengeti National Park, known for its wildebeest migration, is within driving distance. Rubondo Island National Park is accessible from Mwanza and offers unique chimpanzee tracking and birdwatching opportunities.

Mwanza hosts various cultural festivals throughout the year, celebrating the diverse ethnic groups in the region. The Nyerere Cultural Festival showcases traditional dances, music, and art. The Mwanza International Film Festival and the Mwanza Marathon are other notable events.

Yes, Rubondo Island is accessible from Mwanza via a boat or ferry ride. The island is known for its pristine forests, diverse birdlife, and opportunities for fishing, nature walks, and boat safaris. It is a popular destination for those seeking a unique island adventure

Mwanza has a rich historical background, and visitors can explore sites such as the Bujora Cultural Centre, which showcases traditional Sukuma artifacts. The German Boma, a historical building from the colonial era, is also worth visiting for its architectural significance

Lake Victoria offers various recreational activities, including fishing, boat cruises, and island hopping. You can hire a local guide or join a tour to explore the lake’s islands, such as Ukara Island or Ukerewe Island, and learn about the local fishing communities

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