In this guide I will explain, step-by-step, how to travel from Kigali, Rwanda to Arusha or Dar es Salaam, Tanzania by bus. The journey is pretty straightforward though it is long and exhausting. This service just recently started operating. Before, the only way to travel between Rwanda and Tanzania would be a series of buses and minibusses or a 40-hour bus journey through Uganda and Kenya in order to reach Tanzania. The trip to Dar es Salaam takes about 24 hours. The trip to Arusha will take 2 days because a transfer is required.

Buying Tickets in Kigali

The bus company operating this route is called Trinity. Their buses are new and comfortable. The service is safe and reliable. I recommend you head to the bus station at least a day in advance to book your ticket. This is a popular route and the buses do fill up.

In Kigali, travel to the main bus station. It’s called Nyabugogo Taxi Park. This station is located kind of inconveniently on the edge of the city. You can get there by taxi or city bus. Every cab driver knows where this place is.

The main bus station is big, crowded, and hectic. You may have to ask around to find the Trinity ticket office.

  • Tickets to Dar es Salaam- This is a direct bus. No transfers are required. The bus from Kigali to Dar es Salaam leaves at around 4:00 am. I don’t remember the exact cost of the ticket but I believe it is around $45. You should arrive in Dar es Salaam early the following morning. The ride takes about 24-30 hours. Travel time depends on traffic, the border crossing, and overall road conditions. My bus broke down and slowed us down by about 3 hours.