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Haydom is located in the rural district called Mbulu, about 300km from Arusha, which is the nearest large city. There are several ways of getting to Haydom, and the following gives some suggestions. 

These days the opportunity of travelling to Haydom by air has become rare but the road has improved making the journey by car more feasible year-round. In any case, you will most likely have to pass through Arusha.

The Public Land Cruiser runs daily, early morning 7am from Arusha. Once a month, there can be opportunity to join the MAF flight to Haydom but seats are very limited and you can only carry a small amount of luggage. 

There is an option to charter a 5- passenger plane from FMS or MAF or for big groups options exist to charter a 13-seater plane from one of the commercial aviation companies in Tanzania

Arusha to Karatu

WhatsApp: +255 687 590 560 for all your Transfer to Hydome

How to get to Hydom Lutheran Hospital

There are Travel Busineses in Arusha that  can pick you up from Kilimanjaro Airport or Arusha city. This is not cheap, it might cost around USD 300 to 400. Contact us with your travel details to ask for the price.

The Sunvic Bus drives from Haydom to Arusha every day, except Sundays. This is the cheapest option, but not the best. It leaves about 8am from the main bus terminal and the journey can take up to 12 hours if all goes well. During bad rains, the bus may terminate at Dongobesh (50km from Haydom) or even Mbulu (80km away). You are advised to check with the driver. Remember that the buses can be very crowded.

The Public Land Cruiser is the transportation mostly used by the visitors to Hydom. There are two ways to getting on to a public land cruiser to Haydom: The Land Cruiser leaves Arusha every morning at 7am from the public Land Cruiser stand which is one street south-west of the bus station. When you go back from Haydom to Arusha it leaves from Haydom at 5.30am. The costs are costs 15.000 Tsh for one way. 

For extra space you might want to reserve two seats, like the front double seat (seats 1+2) or if you are with a group a whole couch (seat 3, 4, 5 and 6). So usually the front seat is shared by 2 people and the couch by 4 people. 

It is a 5-6 hour drive, and there are no official stops on the way, but if you e.g. need to use the restroom, you can just ask for it to stop. You can take a taxi from your hotel to the Landcruiser stand (TSH 5.000-10.000) but you can also find the Land Cruiser by yourself. 

Tickets for the Land Cruiser can be bought from the man who sits in the right corner of the veranda of the bar/ café opposite the former Joshmal Hotel at Wapare Street. (This is best done at least the day before.)

This is the nearest airport to Haydom, and is served by KLM and Ethiopian Airlines. Flights generally arrive in the evening, so a night stay in Arusha is needed before starting on the drive to Haydom. Arusha is situated 25km from JRO.

An alternative is to fly into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Nairobi (NBO) Kenya, and to travel on to Tanzania by air or road. If you pre-book a place on a shuttle bus from the airport (e.g. the Impala shuttle), and arrive on an early morning flight, it may be possible to make the 5-hour trip to Arusha without spending the night in Nairobi. 

You will, however, most likely have to spend the night in Arusha before continuing to Haydom. It is also possible to rent a tour vehicle that will take you from the airport and all the way to Haydom, and even help arrange for the overnight stay in Arusha. (Note that a transit visa may be required to pass through Kenya. Check with your travel agent).

Flying into Dar es Salaam International Airport (DSM) in the capital of Tanzania is also possible. From Dar you can take a flight with Fastjet or others to Kilimanjaro. 

You can also go by road to Arusha, but Dar is 650km from Arusha (at least an 8 hour drive), and you will therefore incur additional expenses and at least an extra day of travel time on your journey. 

If you are thinking of a holiday on the coast or to Zanzibar before (or after) visiting Haydom, flying to Dar (or Zanzibar) may also be a good option. For travel by coach from Dar es Salaam you can use e.g. Dar Express or Kilimanjaro Express. 

Before you go for a cheaper flight to Nairobi or Dar, consider whether the extra travel and accommodation costs getting to Arusha, and the extra time it takes make this worthwhile.

  • Singida Airport is 76 kilometers away from Haydom.
  • Kirondatal Airport is 78 kilometers away from Haydom.
  • Oldeani Airport is 107 kilometers away from Haydom.
  • Kondoa Airport is 113 kilometers away from Haydom.
  • Lake Manyara Airport is 126 kilometers away from Haydom