Julius Nyerere International Airport, also known as by its IATA Code DAR and ICAO Code HTDA, is an International airport located in Dar es Salaam on the East Coast of Tanzania.  Dar es Salaam is the commercial capital of Tanzania and is a bustling port city with a busy international airport servicing domestic, regional,private and international flights. International flights depart from the new Terminal 3, Regional and domestic flights depart from Terminal 2, while private chartered flights now depart from Terminal 1. Terminal 3 and terminal 2 are within walking distance of each other (5 mins walk). Terminal 1 is located 1km from the two other terminals and a taxi or transfer will be required to connect from one to the others. It is not recommended to walk to terminal 1.

Geographical Location – see map below

Julius Nyerere Ininternational Airport is located Southwest of the city on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam. The roads to the airport can become very congested so it is advisable to arrange transfers and connections with this in mind.


Please note that due to Covid-19,the Julius Nyerere International Airport have enacted several safety measure in order to protect both the staff and tourists coming in and out of the airport. These measures include:

  1.  Ensuring every tourist arriving in the country is not infected with COVID-19; All travelers arriving will be subjected to an intensive screening and where necessary COVID-19 rapid testing.
  1.  The airport staff will have to be tested for COVID-19 so that only those who are safe will provide services; In addition, all attendants will have to wear facemasks all the time; they will also have to wear gloves and will have to use sanitizers as directed by MoHCDEC. In addition, they must make sure that they observe the social distance of not less than one meter from one staff to another and from the guest
  1. All other members on the tourism activities value chain will be regularly monitored to ensure they are not infected with the Corona virus; These include ensuring gloves are always worn when loading and unloading passenger baggage, cargo and pouches and the taxi drivers at the airport are tested.Only staff that are not infected with Corona Virus will be allowed to cater to tourist. However, all staff will have to wear masks and make sure that they stay at least one meter apart between themselves and the tourist.
  1. All tourist transport facilities, tourist accommodation and all other facilities used by tourists must be cleaned and sanitized before and after service in an acceptable manner to ensure that they do not become infected with Corona Virus.

Getting Here

  • Taxi – There are taxis which will get you from the city centre to the airport 16 kilometers (10 minutes) away for Tzs 50,000- Tzs 100,000 (USD $25 – 50). Transfers from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 & 3 should cost around Tzs 10,000 ($5).
  • Preferred Mode – Pre arranged transfer or Taxis are the preferred method especially if you have luggage with you.
  • Shuttle Bus – The airport does not operate one.
  • Alternatives – Hotel transfer service.
  • Car Parking & Fees –There is an automated POS parking system at the airport and it is 1,000Tzs per hour. Long stays should be pre arranged by contacting the airport authority.
  • Auxiliary Information
    • Flight from Hub

Julius Nyerere International Airport is the main hub in Tanzania. With 3 certified airport terminals there are daily flights to and from all the major international airports and also domestics airports in Tanzania such as Arusha, Zanzibar, Dodoma, Tanga and Iringa as well as to the main game parks, the Serengeti, Selous and Ruaha.

UPDATE: Terminal 3 is the newest terminal that opened in August 2019 and has been operating since then. It is used for International flights,as such all international arrivals and departure now go through terminal 3. The terminal is expected to facilitate more than 6 million passengers per year which builds the airport capacity up to 8 million passengers annually.

UPDATE: With the opening of this new terminal 3, domestic and regional airlines are now operating from terminal 2. PLEASE NOTE that at the moment not all domestic airlines have started operating from terminal 2 (Check-in desks,and arrival/departures). Currently, As Salaam Air, Flightlink, Precision Air and Air Tanzania have moved their operations to terminal 2 at the Julius Nyerere International Airport.

For domestic departures, let your taxi driver know that you are going to either Terminal 1 or 2 (depending on the airline you are flying with) . Your taxi or transfer will drop you in the carpark directly in front of the terminal building where there are porters waiting to help with your bags. For clients arriving from the International airport (terminal 3), terminal 2 is 5 mins away on foot, and terminal 1 is 5 mins away with a taxi (walking to terminal 1 is not recommended)

Terminal 1– Before check in, there is small local restaurant serving cold drinks and local food. Once inside the terminal building, there is a small coffee shop selling snacks, cold and hot drinks as well as books and souvenirs. There is also a small shop where they sell soft drinks, snacks and vouchers for local cellphone providers.

Terminal 2 – There are two restaurants serving basic fast food, a mini grocery store and various souvenir shops located at the front of the Terminal building as well as an Information centre and smaller kiosks selling mobile phones and offices for various travel agencies and airlines.

Terminal 3 –  There are banks, ATMS and Exchange rate bureaus at the airport. Food is available at the airport lounge. Shopping is made easier with both duty-paid and duty-free shops within the terminal as well as gifts shops and pharmacy. Lost and found desk is located at the arrivals lounge, with porters being available to assist you with luggage. There are also several Travel agents located at the terminal. There is a ready Airport Medical Unit located in the Passenger terminal, Cargo terminal and Immigration area that are ready to provide emergency medical assistance at any moment.

Hotels & Transit Accommodation

The major hotels in Dar es Salaam such as The Dar es Salaam Serena Hotel and The Kilimanjaro Hotel are situated in the city centre. On the Masaki Peninsula, there are hotels catering to business travelers such as Best Western Coral Beach and Seacliff Hotel both with stunning ocean views. There are also Beach Resorts to the North and South of the city. In the North you will find hotels such as Whitesands Beach Resort and Jangwani Seabreeze while to the South in Kigamboni you will find more budget friendly accommodation like Kipepeo Beach and Sunrise Beach Resort.