How to Travel from Singida to Arusha by Bus

In the morning, head down to the Singida bus station. It’s located near the center of town where you were dropped off the previous night. You can easily walk there from anywhere in town. If you have a lot of luggage, tuk-tuks are available.

Note: There is a small fee to enter the Singida bus station. I don’t remember exactly how much it was but less than a dollar. They give you a receipt so I believe this charge is legitimate and not a scam, though it is annoying.

Once you’re inside the bus station, people will approach trying to tell you that you need to buy a ticket in advance or that there is only one bus traveling to Arusha. This is not true. They just want you to travel with their company. We bought tickets in advance and ended up watching 10 buses to Arusha pass through the station before our bus arrived.

I recommend you just stand near where the buses park and ask where each bus is going until you find one going to Arusha. You shouldn’t have to wait more than about 20 minutes until a bus comes by.

The ride to Arusha takes about 5 hours. The ticket costs around $5.