10 Tips for Planning a Road Trip

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A good road trip invites spontaneity — allowing for stops to investigate a tasty-looking café or enjoy an eye-catching vista when the opportunity strikes. But traveling by car also requires a little research and preparation. 

“Before hitting the road it’s important you properly plan your route,” says George Molina, a San Antonio-based travel adviser with AAA Texas. “Stay up to date on the weather forecast and road conditions, and make sure your vehicle is ready.”

We asked  travel experts for their best advice for road, read with me …

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10 Tips for Planning a Fantastic Road Trip


Among the wide range of apps, websites, atlases, guidebooks and other tools for road-trippers, a few standouts:

Google Maps. Travelers consistently give Google’s platform top marks. With the free phone app and website, drivers can select a starting point and a destination and receive automatically generated step-by-step driving directions. The tool also allows you to tailor routes to avoid tolls or highways, add detours, identify sights along the way, route around traffic jams and more. Kevin Revolinski, a travel writer in Madison, Wisconsin, and author of Backroads & Byways of Wisconsin, calls Google Maps a matchless mix of power and simplicity. “It’s silly how easy it is,” he says.

Road trippers. For an even more complete and focused tool, consider the free Roadtrippers website and app, which brags of planning 25 million trips totaling 16.9 billion miles.


2. START PLANNING SOONER: The best time to start planning is now — or as early as possible, stresses Ashleigh Rudolph, founder of Tahoe, California-based Pine Road Travel, which plans custom road trips for RVers. It’s important, for example, to book campgrounds far in advance if you’re heading to popular places such as national parks.  

3. PREPARE YOUR CAR“We tell drivers to make a good ‘BET’ to reduce the risk of a roadside emergency by having a vehicle’s Battery, Engine and Tires checked by a trusted mechanic before embarking,” Molina says. The most common repairs done at OUR -approved garages are electrical ones, especially involving battery failure. 

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